Oil Change (ATV/Dirt Bike)

Your vehicle’s maintenance is paramount and should not be overlooked. Changing your oil regularly will extend the life of your vehicle and allow it to perform at its peak level. 

We created this step by step guide of how to change your vehicle’s oil, pay close attention and please share this content with others in need! 

Items Required

10W40 Non-synthetic ATV oil (Click here for oil)

Oil drip pan (Click here for oil drip pan)

Ratchet with 15 or 17mm Socket

Oil funnel


If you own a 110cc or 125cc Coolster / Tao-Tao / BMS / Apollo etc… ATV or Dirt Bike this tutorial will apply to you. Always refer to your vehicles owners manual when performing any maintenance.

STEP 1: We strongly suggest placing your ATV or Dirt Bike on a lift or jack-stand to allow the maximum amount of oil to drain from the vehicle and also to provide you ample space to work. Always lock the vehicles front brakes to avoid having vehicle rolling around while you perform maintenance.

STEP 2: Locate your vehicle’s oil drain plug located directly under the right side of your engine.

Note: There are two bolts under the engine that look similar. Only touch the larger one on the right side facing vertically. Do not unscrew the smaller bolt.

STEP 3: Place your oil drip pan directly underneath the oil drain plug. Using your 15 or 17mm wrench, remove the oil drain plug screw to allow the oil to drain into the oil pan. Allow the vehicle 20-30 minutes to fully drain of all oil. If the oil smells burnt or has metal shavings/particulates present this may be indicative of internal engine issues, and should be brought in for service immediately.

Note: Do not lose the silver washer that is attached to the drain plug or else the vehicle will leak oil. Make sure you reinstall the washer along with the oil drain plug bolt.

STEP 4: Once all oil has been drained, re-install the oil drain plug along with the drain plug washer.

STEP 5: Locate the oil dipstick (sometimes silver or yellow cap) on the right side of the engine. Unscrew the dipstick using pliers or fingers.

STEP 6: Insert oil funnel into the dipstick cavity and add the appropriate measure of 10W40 Non-synthetic ATV oil.

Note: For 110cc models add approximately 1/2 quart (500ml) oil and top off using dipstick as a guide when vehicle is flat. For 125cc models add approximately 3/4 quart (700ml) oil and top off using dipstick as guide when vehicle is flat.

STEP 7: To check oil level, screw dipstick fully in and then pull back out to verify oil level is at its required mark. Add oil as necessary to meet the top line circle of dipstick.


Your oil change is now complete, congratulations! Periodically check you oil dipstick to see if you oil is getting dirty. If you oil look dirty, it’s most likely time for an oil change!

Approximately 8 hours of riding will require an oil change.
We hope this helped, please check out our other informative guides on how to properly maintain your vehicle.